Birthstone Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklace


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The eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans the 210–240th degree of the zodiac, between 207.25 and 234.75 degree of celestial longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this area on average from October 23 to November 21, and under the sidereal zodiac, the sun currently transits the constellation of Scorpius from approximately November 16 to December 15. Depending on which zodiac system one uses, an individual born under the influence of Scorpio may be called a Scorpio or a Scorpio.

Scorpio is one of the three zodiac water signs, the others being Cancer and Pisces.

Astrologers believe Scorpios are ruled by their desires, but that their strength is resourcefulness, and that their resourcefulness allows them to control their desires unless they have a plan to achieve them. Scorpios are analytical and meditative, and ponder data to create a realistic plan; self-deception is not something a Scorpio does. The Scorpio is secretive and intense, though their careful approach to planning and action can appear as a lack of intensity. The Scorpio is good at hiding their feelings. A creative dreamer with an original personality and a very vivid imagination. They take things personally, and sometimes your unique personality, is not very well received, which makes them feel excluded and misunderstood. Scorpio have this uncontrollable need to please others. Kind. Passionate. 

        • Element: Water
        • Quality: Fixed
        • Color: Scarlet, Red, Rust
        • Day: Tuesday
        • Ruler: Pluto, Mars
        • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer
        • Lucky Numbers: 8, 11, 18, 22
        • Date Range: October-23 = November-21

The most common reference for which is certain coloured varieties of quartz which are a medium deep shade of golden yellow. Citrine has been summarized at various times as yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish yellow or orange.

The original reference point for the citrine colour was the citron fruit. The first recorded use of citrine as a colour in English was in 1386. It was borrowed from a medieval Latin and classical Latin word with the same meaning. In late medieval and early modern English the citrine colour-name was applied in a wider variety of contexts than it is today and could be "reddish or brownish yellow; or orange; or amber (distinguished from yellow)". In today's English citrine as a colour is mostly confined to the contexts of;

(1) gemstones, including quartz

(2) some animal and plant names.

E.g. The citrine wagtail (Motacilla citreola), an Asian bird species with golden-yellow plumage.

"Citrine" is used in the names of birds and other lifeforms with such colouring to describe their appearance, including the citrine wagtail, citrine warbler, citrine canary-flycatcher and citrine forktail. 

  • METAL: Yellow Gold, Pink/ Rose Gold, White Gold
  • STONE: Genuine Citrine

    This necklace and pendant is 100% customizable. Please inquire for any changes you would like to make with the request a custom order link under the image. You can request different metals, metal combinations, widths or sizes not shown. You may also contact us for any other design ideas you may have.

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