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Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum Engagement Rings

Rings that make your special day a memorable one

The most popular choice for wedding and engagement ring is platinum ring as it is the rarer, durable, and stronger metal. A Platinum engagement ring is a symbol of true love, purity, and strength. Platinum metal rings are used all around the world for engagement, wedding, and anniversary as these rings made of platinum symbolize the everlasting and endurance of love between two peoples. 

Previously this metal used to be very costly as they are very rare, but nowadays, they are most cost-effective. They are also easily available in the online market as well as stores. These platinum engagement rings are available in a wider range, and you can select the best one for your special day.

platinum Engagement Rings

Some of the best styles of platinum engagement rings are: -

Solitaire rings

The most popular and cost-effective ring is the solitaire ring. The look and the style of the ring are very elegant and classy, and it fits into your budget. The solitaire rings can be made of platinum, gold, or white gold.

Promise Rings

These types of rings are the best as it makes your day a memorable one with love and honor. These are available in a wide range of designs and are usually pre-engagement rings to make the partner believe in the relationship commitment.

Halo Rings Ruby

This style of rings is premium segment diamond rings and have a micro paved diamond in the center of the circle. The popular one of these styles is the vintage ring and is available in all types of sizes and shapes.

Three Stone Rings

The three-stone rings represent the couple’s past, present, and future in a romantic way. It makes a perfect jewelry to complete your wedding rituals, and you can hold the ring for today, tomorrow, and forever glazing at it. 


  • Side stone design

It is the best style of ring that complements the diamond and gemstones and brings out the brilliance of the center stone. These styles of engagement rings are most popular for the wedding as well as for other occasions.

  • Cushion cut design

It shapes like a cushion as it includes romantic, antique, and inspired designs. The cushion-cut design represents the symbol of expressing love.

The above mentioned were some of the ring styles and JD Bands manufacture these types of rings you can get platinum engagement rings from JD Bands to make your day a more special and memorable one.