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Gold Chain Necklace

Gold Chain Necklace

Different types of gold chain necklace

Wearing gold jewelry has a spiritual meaning as it is the most precious metal in the world; hence, it symbolizes power and wealth and produces very high energy. Both men and women wear the gold chain necklace; it enhances the beauty of a person who wears it. The gold chains are very durable and strong. You can wear a gold necklace daily also due to its simple design and lightweight.


Gold Chain Necklace

There are various types of gold chain necklaces available and choose the one which will suit you perfectly. As some of the gold chains look good on women’s while others suit men. Some of the types of gold chain necklaces are provided below. They are:

  • Mariner chain

This chain is also known as an anchor chain and is created out of thick oval links with a defining bar that passes through the middle of each link. It also includes a lobster clasp to uphold strength and comfort and is available in different lengths.

  • Ball or bead chain

This ball chain necklace is not a stand-alone accessory and, therefore, often worn with a pendant and is made of tiny beads that are linked together to create a chain. The chain is made in two different ways, like the ball can be either connected very close together or may have small space in between for allowing some movement.

  • Chain cable

These are the basic types of chains that are worn by a person, and it looks similar to an iron chain. The cable chains consist of a series of identical oval links that are interconnected to form a functional chain. The chain cable is a delicate piece of jewelry due to which it isn’t very eye-catching, but when paired with a beautiful pendant, it looks perfect.

  • Figaro chain

This type of chain was first to introduce in Italy and is a very popular type of necklace as it is very simple but look trendy at the same time. The Figaro chain consists of an alternating pattern of flattened links in different sizes. This type of chains is unisex type as are worn both by men and women.

  • Rope chain

A rope chain looks like a rope as it consisting of several metal segments that are connected to resemble a rope and have a pattern twisting around to a real appearance of rope. This rope chain is the most durable and strongest one, as it doesn’t easily come apart. Due to its twisting pattern, which reflects light from various angles, the rope chain tends to be quite shiny.

Gold Chain Necklace
  • Singapore chain

It is made of a series of interconnecting segments and can be stretched out and twisted open-chain moves with almost liquid touch. This chain can be daily as it has a classic, sleek design and can be paired with a pendant.

The above mentioned are some of the gold chain necklaces that are available with JD Bands.